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Hotel Yirmiyahu 33

Hotel Yirmiyahu 33, located at the entrance to Jerusalem within walking distance to the city center, boasts an impressive tower with a breathtaking view. Hotel guests enjoy a magical Jerusalem hospitality experience. Spacious, inviting rooms with or without balconies, and a lounge on every floor. Luxurious and accessible rooms. Restaurants and food courts with chef’s kitchens under the rabbinical supervision of Badatz Eidah Hachareidis year-round as well as for Passover.
The health club floor boasts a fully equipped spa, huge pool, a state-of-the-art gym, Turkish bath, and sauna.
In addition, the hotel offers its guests a “WeWork” area that includes office and meeting areas, a unique synagogue, a kiddush hall, and separate floors for simcha halls for events and meetings.
The hotel offers high-end vacation packages, provided in a way that allows patients to enjoy their recovery after hospitalization. It is a perfect vacation for both mind and body with professional rehab services, hydrotherapy pool, health supervision, and fully equipped accessible rooms for the recovery period.
The pool balcony features a panoramic view of Jerusalem where one can be inspired and enjoy the beauty of the eternal city.

High level vacation

Outstanding culinary experience