Hotel Facilities

The Jerusalem Hotel

Jerusalem is known by 70 names and Hotel Yirmiyahu proudly bears some of them. All the lounges and halls are named for the various names of Jerusalem.
From the panoramic balconies on the pool level one can see Upper Jerusalem and feel the magic of the eternal city.
The hotel’s location at the entrance to Jerusalem and within a short walking distance of the city center provides visitors with a magical Jerusalem experience.
“Walk about Zion and encircle her, count her towers…”

Guest Rooms

The hotel has a wide variety of suites and rooms. Each room has been designed to provide the ultimate guest experience and each feature was meticulously planned from the inviting design to the quality of the linen.
Each room has a mini bar that switches to the most stringent Shabbos/holiday mode automatically. On top of the mini bar is a fully equipped coffee station for your enjoyment.
Every room has a hand washing station outside the bathroom in addition to the sink in the bathroom. There are lights in each room that can be manually adjusted to complete darkness. These lights are the ultimate solution for providing lights on Shabbos and holidays according to Halacha.
With the guidance of revered rabbinical authorities, the hotel offers special electric candles to enable lighting Shabbat candles in the guest rooms. There is also an option to light regular candles in the dining room.
The closets in the room feature a wig stand, a folding stand for luggage, a digital safe and an umbrella.


The beautiful synagogue is located on the gallery level. Our special synagogue was designed to commemorate the holy communities that were destroyed in the Holocaust. The unique architecture is based on the Brody synagogue in Galicia with added design aspects that create a link to past generations despite a loss of continuity in the wake of the Holocaust. The unique lighting fixtures serve as a reminder of the memorial candles that are constantly lit in memory of these holy victims.
The synagogue was dedicated in commemoration of 84 years since Kristallnacht and carries the name of David Israel who, as a forced laborer in the kitchens of a death camp, endangered his life in order to enable a Chassidic rabbi to build a sukkah in the camp in order to eat a minimum halachic amount of bread that he smuggled to him from the kitchen.
The Holy Ark was brought to Israel from the ruins of the city of Lodz. This Ark was built with love and respect as is evidenced by the beautiful and refined ornaments that date back more than 300 years. The use of inexpensive wood is evidence of the poverty of the community. This synagogue survived the destruction and continues its life in the center of Jerusalem and impresses all who pray there.

Next to the synagogue is a hall for Kiddushim and Britot that houses a Torah library with a wide variety of works and books for the use of the guests. The kiddush hall offers hot and cold drinks for our guests around the clock.

The Spa

Our Spa is located on the roof of the hotel and offers a spectacular view. It contains a huge pool, a fully equipped gym, a heated Turkish bath, a dry sauna and treatment rooms. It is important to take note of the separate hours assigned to men and women.

The Lobby

Our expansive and luxurious lobby on the main floor is available to our guests in addition to seating areas with beautiful views located on every floor. The lobby has a cafeteria that provides coffee, baked goods, and light meals and snacks. The cafeteria is open Sunday through Thursday from 10AM to 10PM.

Guest Offices

There are 11 offices available for the use of our guests, fully equipped with office furniture and facilities. Individuals can work there during their stay and hold business meetings. Guest offices can be booked based on available hours and are located on the gallery level.

Conference and Event Center

Beautiful halls and meeting rooms are available for events and celebrations. Halls and rooms of various sizes are available to meet the needs of any occasion, equipped with whatever is necessary to host any event, seminar, special conference, etc. Our guests receive special pricing packages to hold events in the hotel.

Management Rooms

There are special private rooms available for holding meetings with multiple attendees. These rooms of different sizes are equipped with large plasma screens and whatever else may be required for management meetings.

Game Room

The fully equipped Game Room is located on the second floor specifically for the enjoyment of the children and their parents.

The Garden

The Garden is located on the ground floor patio of the hotel. One can relax there with morning coffee or evening wine, to read a book or just rest peacefully and forget the tumult of Jerusalem.


There are 3 underground parking levels available for our guests, fully accessible by the hotel elevators.


The hotel, which is also available for those recovering after hospitalization, is the first hotel in the world that is fully accessible on all of its 18 stories including all equipment and facilities. Even the spa and pool levels are accessible. The rooms are large and comfortable with a special arm chair in each room that allows for easy standing and ease of movement.


High speed Wi-Fi is fully available in all areas of the hotel. Connected telephones are available for free calls in all rooms.

Yad Sarah Branch

There is a fully functional lending branch of Yad Sarah located on the first floor which offers medical and rehabilitation equipment as well as a showroom and guidance for all equipment necessary for the recovery period.