Recuperation after hospitalization

Recuperation after hospitalization

Financial arrangements and refunds from the Kupot Cholim

After medical treatment and extended hospitalization before transitioning to the hard work of rehabilitation, there is nothing quite as relaxing as spending time being pampered in our hotel in Jerusalem.
The hotel offers high level vacation packages so that recovering patients can enjoy a perfect opportunity to recuperate after hospitalization.

The hotel is totally accessible.

Recovering patients are invited to the hotel for a relaxing recovery period before they are released for further rehabilitation treatment at home.
The hotel has a groundbreaking day rehabilitation program that provides patients the opportunity to return to their lives quickly. It is also possible to participate at this community-based rehabilitation center after a stay in the hotel and after returning home.
A perfect vacation for body and spirit; a professional rehabilitation program; hydrotherapy pool; paramedical support under the auspices of the Yad Sarah emergency center; accessible fully-equipped rooms.
The hotel stresses healing and support. The recovering guests blend easily with the other hotel guests, such that they and their accompanying families feel that they are truly on vacation.

A pleasant vacation!

Yad Sarah funds approximately half the cost of the vacation, so that each patient pays only half the cost of the recovery period in the hotel.
In addition, it is worthwhile for patients to check with their Kupat Cholim and other insurance carriers to see what options are available to them for rehabilitation after hospitalization.

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